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NW SW SC S*Pax’ Julius, JW DVM DSM

Chemically neutered at the moment

Born: 04-06-16
Gender: Male
EMS: NFO ns 01 21 62

HCM: Scanned normal 
PK def: N/N


Sire: SW Colletto’s Hansi Hinterseer
Dam: Toonscat’s Kandis

Pedigree: Pawpeds
Breeder: Charlotta og Jörgen Frithiof, S*Pax


About Julius: Julius is a great boy. He is happy, playful and despite his age, he still acts like a kitten. I love his strong look, his coat quality, triangle and especially his temperament is very unique. He is the most talkative cat I have ever met and many of his kittens strangely have his 'talking gene'. When he is not busy telling stories, he spends his time catching leaves in the yard and enjoying life as a cat should.

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