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About us

Annette & Purple Rain

My name is Annette, and since I was a kid, I have loved animals of all kinds. Unfortunately my dad was very allergic to animals, so the only ones I got to share our house with, was a rabbit who lived outside and a budgie. When I moved from home, my first cat moved in. He was a big cuddly housecat and a contributing factor to the fact, that the day today, I don’t want to live without cats around me. Since I was very young, I’ve had a dream about breeding cats. When I got to know a certain stunning Norwegian Forestcat girl, Vianna Gyldenløvem it became clear to me that it had to be Norwegian Forestcats. Thank you Vianna, for convincing me that Norwegian Forestcats are the most beautiful cats in the world.

My plans have always been “changed temporarily” by random cats who have been in need of help, so I’ve been pushing my plans in front of me for about 10 years now. I have a very soft heart towards animals, and several times I’ve found myself adopting cats and dogs, who was in an urgent needed of a new home. A few of the cats that I took in urgently, was expecting kittens and one of them actually had kittens by her side. I don’t regret any of it for a second, because it have given me so many amazing hours with these wonderful felines.


In 2013 I finally took the decision that now was the time, and I got my cattery name, DK Silverleaf, approved in June 2013. Since then I’ve gotten company of several wonderful Norwegian Forestcats and one this website you can read more about them.

I passed Felis Danicas Diploma Breeding Education in Spring 2014 and I am now a Felis Danica Diploma Breeder. I have also passed Norwegian Forestcatring Denmarks breeder education and PawPed’s G1, G2 and G3 course. I am a member of JYRAK, Norsk Skovkattering Danmark, Skogkattslingan (Sweden), Norsk Skovkattring (Norway) and also a proud member of the NFO Breed Council in FIFé (See Links for links)

I believe that there’s always more to learn, both about cats in general, but also about all the other aspects of a cattery, fx. diseases and nutrition, so I will continually be attending different cat related courses that fit into my schedule.

Godkendt Katteri Jyrak
NSR Kørekort
FD Diplomopdrætter
Pawpeds Certificate
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