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Catsafe Garden

Kattesikker have

In Denmark more than 200 cats end their life every single day in the traffic, and I find that to be a very scary thought. I don’t want my cats to end up as a part of that statistic. Neither do I want to risk for them to end up in fights with other cats, dogs or other animals – or even get stolen, abused or get lost. Furthermore we have to keep all animals on our own ground by law – also our cats and I wish for them to live a safe and happy life, so put up a cat fence in a part of our garden which the cats have access to.

And they love it. They are ready to get out every morning after their breakfast.

First I did some drawings and plannings, I measured and calculated. My inspiration is found at

The poles at the housewall, the corner and the middle one is 10x10cm. The rest of the poles are 7.5×7.5cm. They are 3 m. long and moulded 1m down, so they are secured for the winter. The cat fence is also 20 cm under ground level, so they can’t sneak under it. I bought a premade door, so I didn’t have to test my creativity level too much.

The net is 5×5 cm, the electricity box is a  Secur Classic, and the electricity wire is mounted on every side of the cat fence and also on top of it, so there’s 3 wires of electricity.

Here you can see pictures of our cat fence project. If you have any questions or comments about cat fences, please feel free to contact us.

The best money ever spent.

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