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FIFe stamtavler

You can get a lot of cute cats without pedigrees, but not a purebred cat. In order for you to decide what you should look for, let us have a look at the differences.

A purebred cat is a cat with a pedigree. It’s your only, but also most important guarantee that the cat you bought is also a specific breed and therefore will have a certain look and temper.
When a registered breeder breed a litter of kittens, then ALL kittens will have to be registered and get their pedigrees. A written contract for each kitten must also follow the kitten along with pedigree, and registered breeders are also subject to the Sale of Goods Act. So if there is something wrong with your kitten and the breeder refuse to help you, then you can always complain, both to the breeder’s club, but also to “Forbrugerklagenævnet” (a danish depardement where all consumers can file complaints against companies)
It is not the pedigree that determines the price of the cat, the pedigree costs only 225 DKR. What determines the price of the cat, is all the other things. For example: membership fee of clubs, vet fee's, exhibitions, tests of breeding cats, purchase of new breeding cats, mating fees, quality food for both mothers and kittens. In addition to the basics like cat litter, toys and scratching trees, we also take care of full vaccinations, deworming, ID-chip or tattoo and neutering before they move from home. All these things of course costs money, and that is what determines the price of the cat. Furthermore, you must also remember that if you buy your cat from a registered breeder, the breeder is also a member of a club and a part of an association where we have laws and ethical rules that we must follow. There are both rules for health and a written standard for how our pets must live. All of the above is your ultimate guarantee for a healthy cat, and it is exactly where the difference is. Of course, there are probably breeders – also registered – which tries to circumvent the rules and are not prioritizing the breed and his pets first, but fortunately there are not many of these. However, one must always be critical and not be afraid to ask questions, visit several breeders and not buy cat from a place where you are not 100% satisfied with everything you experience.


A paperless “look a like”
There is being sold quite a lot of “forest cats without pedigrees”. These cats typically costs somewhere between 2.000-3.000 DKR. When you get such a kitten home, then nothing is sorted yet. The parents are not health tested, either generally or for any breed-specific diseases. And although the cat you buy may not be purebred, it can certainly still be a carrier of diseases – many diseases. Additionally, you take the risk that the mom cat are being overexploited since not registered breeders dont have to follow any rules regarding health, ethics or morale. They can breed as many litters as the queens can possibly “make” – and they do it. When you pick up your cat from such a place, the breeder take no responsibility if the kitten is found to be ill, and there is nowhere to complain or get help.
You will also have to visit the vet to get the kitten vaccinated two times, dewormed, health examined, ID marked and neutered. After these vet visits, the “look a like”-kitten will cost you additional 2.000-2.500 DKR. In total, that is actually the same price as we registered breeders typically ask for pet kittens. The only difference is that the 2.000-3.000 DKR you pay for your kitten from an unregistered breeder is pure profit for them, while we registered breeders actually spend these money, and a lot more, on the kittens that becomes your future familymembers and to improve the breed we love.

DK Silverleaf's Jasper Hale
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